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News & Announcements

Water line update in Mercersburg

Dear TSD Parents,

Mercersburg Elementary students are going to remain at JBHS today due to water main work outside of Mercersburg Elementary School.

Dismissal will be as follows:

1. Busses will leave from the HS;

2. Parents who pick up students are asked to get them from the HS today. Use the main driveway and the main entrance. Staff will be there to assist you.

3. Students who walk will be shuttled back to Mercersburg so they can walk home as normal.

Thank you. Please call with questions or to make any changes.

Be well,

Mr. B.

Early Dismissal Tomorrow

Dear TSD Families,

This is simply a reminder that tomorrow, Wednesday September 21st, is a scheduled early dismissal day for TSD students. Dismissal will be at 12 noon and 1PM for elementary and secondary students respectively.

Thank you.
TSD Best,
Mr. B.